Dubai Mortgages & Finance Options

The Dubai property market has witnessed an unprecedented level of growth and expansion over these past few years. From its initial beginnings not much more that a decade ago, Dubai has firmly established itself as a leading global property market, with an ever increasing range of freehold property to purchase. With the free hold property markets legal framework regarding purchases by overseas buyers now very much transparent and clear, purchasing your own piece of Dubai real estate can easily become a reality. However until relatively recently there was still one last big hurdle for the market place to overcome, and that was getting a Dubai mortgage. Continue reading “Dubai Mortgages & Finance Options” »

Best Time to Find Sellers?

Generally, if a home owner has been paying down a mortgage on their home for more than 7-10 years… they have increased the equity in your home considerably. Also despite some minor and major market corrections, due either to a housing bubble or a recession, the value of their home has also appreciated to a similar degree. Continue reading “Best Time to Find Sellers?” »

Creating Curb Appeal – Selling Your Home

You may not know and realize how important of curb appeal to your home. It is a common sense that if you have an attractive and clean home on the outside, this will make someone want to see the inside. This strategy is very useful when you are attempting to sell you home; great curb appeal is just as important as having a home show beautifully on the inside. If the outside is not clean this can deter a potential purchaser from even booking a showing to see your home, even though the interior could be spectacular.  Continue reading “Creating Curb Appeal – Selling Your Home” »

Renting A Room For Extra Income

Renting a room? I wish I had thought of it sooner, but one day many years ago I finally gave it a try. I had a thee-bedroom mobile home on small piece of property, and I soon found that it was easy to rent out not one, but both other bedrooms. I suddenly had thousands of dollars extra each year. Continue reading “Renting A Room For Extra Income” »

Getting Your Mortgage Loan Approved

Not every applicant is approved for a home loan the first time he or she applies. For a variety of reasons, even after a lot of hard work, sometimes a loan just canít be approved. It may have to do with the applicantís credit or savings history, employment stability, debt structure, or the value of the home. The good news is that a denial is merely a detour, not a roadblock. Purchasing a home takes planning, discipline and hard work! Follow these tips and with our assistance, homeownership is not out of reach. Continue reading “Getting Your Mortgage Loan Approved” »